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HP 15 Laptop Intel Celeron

1 200 000,00 UGX each

Good computers have developed through a long process and are very mature products today just like this HP 15 Laptop. The HP 15 does all the computer work you need to do at home and office like word processing and browsing the web at ease with a very reliable battery life. Technically we recommend this laptop if you need a reliable affordable brand new laptop.

To make the best choice when buying a laptop, you need to know that computers have developed so fast in the most recent i.e. the general trend has been to release new models almost four times a year! This is too short a time for computer users like you to cope; that means before you master using the latest computer you acquired, a new model of it is released with newer features!! That would make you think; "I am using outdated technology and wont deliver!" That's not true because the major drive behind new models at short intervals is mostly driven by manufacturer competition and not users' demand.

 Over 95% of home or office computer work we do in Uganda is smoothly done at ease by most low rated computers as low as; intel celeron, intel pentium R, intel core 2, intel celeron, intel Atom, AMD A4, AMD E300 etc

The above systems are rated weak by today's manufacturer standards but the truth is - they will be on top of the game when it comes to your work at office, school, filed or home.

Hence when looking for a good laptop to do your work at meaningful performance and price, focus on systems like intel celeron, intel core 2, AMD A4 among others with Duo processors. The latest powerful systems like intel core i3/i5/i7 Haswell series are rich in features and more powerful but the extra features and power are aspects you might never need in your daily computing; it is wise not to spend on things you might never need. Actually the money you save after reading this information stretches as far as half a million.

Perhaps you need to know the common price ranges of genuine brand new Laptops:

#1.Low Price Laptops: Intel Celeron, Intel Atom, AMD A4, AMD E300, intel core 2, Intel Pentium R etc; 900,000 - 1,150,000

#2.Mid Range Laptops: Intel core i3, AMD A6; 1,200,000 - 1,650,000

#3.Top rated Laptops: Intel core i5, intel core i7, AMD A8, AMD A10; 1,500,000+

The final price will depend on brand, dealer, availability among other factors. The top brands to search when planning to buy a brand new affordable laptop are Acer, Toshiba, Asus, MSI HP & DELL.

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