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MacBook Core2Duo (White 2006 model) 2GB 250GB

macbook-pro-13-2009 348682355
700 000,00 UGX each

Product Description

Intel Core 2 Duo processor: Powered by the latest generation of Intel processors, this MacBook is even faster than the previous generation. Built-in iSight camera: Right out of the box, you can have a video chat with friends or family,3 record a video at your desk, or take fun pictures with Photo Booth. Sleek, 1.08-inch thin design: MacBook makes it easy to hit the road thanks to its tough polycarbonate case, built-in wireless technologies, and innovative MagSafe Power Adaptor that releases harmlessly if so


Speedy processor

4MB of shared L2 cache augments the advanced Core 2 Duo processor on the 2.0GHz madels.(3) That’s double the amount previously available, and it really lets MacBook fire on all cylinders. With such substantial L2 cache, data and instructions can be kept close to those two processor cores, greatly increasing performance and allowing the entire system to work more efficiently. And, because the processor cores share the L2 cache, either can use the entire amount if the other happens to be idle.

The Intel Core 2 Duo’s enhanced, 128-bit SSE3 vector engine handles 128-bit computations in a single clock cycle, accelerating data manipulation by simultaneously applying a single instruction to multiple data. That means you can get more done in less time. So, the next time you use iMovie HD or Final Cut Express to render effects, you can thank the SSE3 vector engine for the snappier performance.


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