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LG 5.1 Home Theatre System

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950 000,00 UGX each

LG 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theatre System [DH4530T]

Not to waste time; the most bought systems in Uganda are; LG, Sony and Samsung. The LG DH4530T is the ultimate home theater for you that wants a very decent home theater system at a good budget. This LG DH4530T will give you an ultimate sound experience at home without spending so big; its sound is super clean pulling off all details in that song you play on it, the sub woofer is super classic and the setup is basic easy. Just connect the speakers, plug in power and you are ready to go!! What I noted about it - the FM radio inbuilt has very decent reception just by hooking that tiny small antennae. The design is classic with four tall boy speakers, a center speaker and that aggressive LG sub woofer.

Final advise: The LG DH4530T and Samsung's HTE355K are the best home theaters to buy in Uganda (August 2015) because they have clean sound and the budget is not pocket pinching. There are other very sophisticated home theater systems from high end makers like Sony, Bose, Denon, Pioneer and the likes but their prices won't leave your finances smiling.
Generally Sony systems are premium quality but more pricey because SONY invests so much in research to invent most of these technologies.
Seemingly Samsung prices are lower than Sony but higher compared to LG most of the times because Samsung spends more on advertising costs; the equation makes LG a right choice for us in Uganda because they make premium quality just like other premium brands and their prices are friendly because LG spends relatively less on research and advertising compared to those two. That's why LG has recently become very popular in Uganda when it comes to domestic appliances - quality is premium, price is average. LG - Life's Good! You are welcome.


  • Bass Blast
  • Full HD Up-scaling
  • USB Direct Recording & Playback
  • Karaoke



  • Center: 42W
  • CH: 5.1
  • Front L/R: 42WX2
  • Sub-Woofer: 120W(Passive)
  • Surround L/R: 42WX2
  • Total: 330W

In & Out R/Panel

  • Audio L/R: Yes
  • Composing of channel: 5.1
  • Composite: Yes
  • FM / AM: Yes / No
  • HDMI Output: 1
  • Terminal Type: Push in (Spring)


  • Last Scene memory: Yes
  • NTSC/PAL Hz: 60Hz / 50Hz
  • NTSC PAL Conversion: Yes
  • Resolution: upto 1080p24/60Hz
  • VBI: Yes
  • Video DAC: 148MHZ/12bit


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